Walking An Application

Walking An Application

The first two Tasks were just setting up the VPN and reading web information.

Exploring The Website

Viewing The Page Source

I checked out the main page:

I then checked out the source code for the page, and found this:

Clicking that link leads me to the following page:

I went after this question next:

I noticed this in the comments:

Following this link, got me the flag:

This was the next question:

I ran feroxbuster on the URL:

I was running through the different links, and got one that the question was about:

I then got the flag:

This was the last question:

I went back into the main website page, and I saw this comment:

This led me to the following:

I found something interesting in the Change Log:

Going to <Website.com>/tmp.zip got me a file, which had the following information:

Developer Tools - Inspector

For this Task, we go to <Website.com>/news/article?id=3.

We then have to remove the paywall. I found the following in the Inspector code:

If you delete the node (right-click on the line and hit "Delete Node"), you can then see the flag:

Developer Tools - Debugger

For this task, the THM Author walks us through what to do. Essentially, you have to setup a breakpoint and wait for the flag to show up. For this, I went to the contact page. Then I opened the Debugger tab, and went to the flash.min.js file. After clicking on the flash['remove']();, which set up the breakpoint on the line, and I got the flag:

Developer Tools - Network

For this one, I followed what the task said, and eventually found the flag. I typed random things in the fields, and then found the flag in the Response section:

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