This is my write-up for the machine Lame on Hack The Box located at:

I am a beginner at penetration testing, so I will be referencing the Official Hack The Box Walk-through for this machine.

rustscan: rustscan -a

I saw that port 21 was open. I was able to login to the anonymous user:

There was nothing in the folder. My guess is that I will have to upload a reverse shell on the system and then trigger it in order to get a connection to the system. I then ran enum4linux -a, which showed me this:

Running smbclient -L <IP_ADDRESS> shows the same information:

Looking in the tmp directory did not give anything useful:

From playing around in the SMB system, I noticed that I have access to the tmp and IPC$ user. Neither of those had gotten me information that I can work off of. I looked at the write-up to see what I missed. There was a exploit on Metasploit that got you root:

Now I have to look for the flags:

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