New Orleans

This is my write-up for the Microcorruption level New Orleans located at:

I started off by looking through the code. I noticed a line that stood out to me:

There is a two strings being compared. My assumption is that one string is our input and one string is the password. When they get compared, the output will be a number, and that leads to the jump being taken or the jump not being taken based on the output. I the set a break-point at 44c2, to see what those values are:

When I read r14, there was not any data of use there. I then tried 2400, which is the same thing as 0x2400 in this case. I saw a string of random characters, and submitted it as the password `*[6hCQ:

There was a way to see what the password is without waiting for the compare. In the create_password function, you can see the following:

There are bytes being moved, which can be converted from hex to ascii:

This was another way to get the password.

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