I started off by checking out the game they mention.

Seems like a "snake game"-esque type situation, where our goal is "X". I was playing around with the code and didn't get anywhere. I then popped this binary open in Ghidra:

I modified the initial variable to be called "player_location". We notice that the do-while loop breaks if the variable equals "0x1d". I type that into the enter location and my character moved right one step. My current thoughts are that in order to move right, I would have to keep typing "1d" and to move down it would be "59". Unfortunately, it did not work like that. While browsing through the move_player function, I saw the following:

This seems to be a classic WASD game. I noticed that we can run p as well. We get the output of "You win!", but no actual flag. I was playing around with directions I was able to go and thought, maybe you are not supposed to go to the X at all. I then went backward, and noticed that the Player position variable and its line disappear when my character goes off the map. When I went back a couple positions beyond that, I saw the value of Player has flag to go from 0 to 46. This could have been because I was spamming a in my code. I then hit p after I saw the value of 46, and then I got the flag. Here is the locally tested output:

Then I got the flag actually:

Here is the code I used:

from pwn import *
context(arch = 'i386', os = 'linux')

#p = remote('', 57100)

#modified from
elf = ELF('./game')
p = elf.process()

str = ""
for i in range(368):
	str += "a"


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