This is my write-up for the machine on Hack The Box called Sunday located at:

I started off with a basic nmap scan:

This seems to be a printer exploit maybe? I saw the finger process being shown. I then searched on Metasploit to see any modules already there to see if any can help me. I was able to find one:

At this point, I was lost, so I read this write-up to find out what I had missed. The first thing I had missed was that I had used the default word-list from Metasploit, which I should not have. When I changed it to the word-list from SecLists, I was then able to find out a couple more users:

Going back to the nmap scan I had done earlier, I had realized that my nmap scan was incorrect, since there were some ports that had been missed. According to the same write-up mentioned previously, there were two ports that I over looked:

Since SSH is available on port 22022, I will use hydra to brute force the login. I tried hydra with multiple variations, but I keep getting the same error:

I looked at the official write-up as well as others, and people just happen to guess sunday to be the password (since it is the name of the machine) and it works for them. The official write-up does not give a hint into what software to use to brute-force the password, it just says to do so. This could just be my lack of pen-testing knowledge, so I'll just take the password to be sunday from the write-ups and move on:

I was then able to find the user.txt flag:

I found out I have access to one command as the root user:

Looking on GTFOBins, I was not able to find a binary with this name:

To me, this means that this program is custom made. It seems that /root/troll was an actual troll, as I was not able to run it:

I then went to the root of the machine and tried to find what I can. I did find the following in the backups folder:

Running a diff on both of the files, it came up empty. This means that the files are the same. I first trimmed the hashes file to only have the essentials needed to crack the hashes:

Using hashcat's example hashes page, we can find out what hash we are looking at:

I can then build by command:

hashcat -a 0 -m 7400 hashes rockyou.txt

After a bit of time, I was able to find the password for the other user:

Running the su command, I was then able to change my user to be the sammy user:

Running sudo -l as this user, reveals the following:

I am able to run wget as root. I had kept on trying the sudo command on GTFOBins for the wget command. When I tried the File read commands, it worked!

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