This is my write-up for the machine Blue on Hack The Box located at

I started off with a basic nmap scan:

I noticed that the ports 135 and 445 were open. To me this meant that SMB could potentially be running on the system. I ran smbmap -H as well as enum4linux -a, and ended up getting no solid leads from there. Something hit me while I was working on this machine. I had a recollection of hearing the term "eternalblue" being mentioned in a security context. This combined with the idea that Hack The Box machines are names after some aspect of the machine itself, gave me the idea that maybe it could be "eternalblue". I searched Metasploit for "blue" and found this:

I used this module, and after a couple minutes I had a meterpreter session:

I was able to then find the user.txt shell:

I was then able to get the root.txt file as well:

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